Ebro Halfguiding  Carp and catfish--- bank fishing.

We are very pleased to bring you this great new half guided tour on the world famous River Ebro located in Caspe, Spain. If you have never been to Spain and experienced the wonderful fishing that is on offer here, than let us simply tell you that it is the best place in the world for catfish fishing. The guides will give you as much information as they can to help you land these huge fish, from showing you how to tie rigs, to baiting up and even helping you whilst you are playing these fish.

The carp fishing in this area is also something not to be missed, you just simply fish closer in with slightly less pellets and you could find yourself doing battle with lots of hard fighting common and mirror carp. These also grow to huge sizes and you can expect to see fish caught regularly in the range of 30 - 40lb's, making this trip one not to be missed.

We bring you to the best swims of the Ebro by our 4x4 cars, your boat is close to the swim already. The guide helps you the first day with preparing the rods, he explains how to use the boat, and helps you to catch carp and catfish. The rest of the week the guide helps you if required.

We fish for six days during eight hours per day.

You can bring your own equipment ore rent our compleat tackle sets

for the terminal tackle we have a tackelbox with the basic terminal tackle for sale, what you use is to pay at the end of the week.



Apartment included bedsheeds.

Use of swimming pool

Boat with 15 HP engine with basic fishfinder.

Free fishing equipment for catfish or carp

Transport to the swim

First day help`from a guide.

Transport to the swim.

Excluding bait and petrol for the boat and terminal tackle.

Prices 2024 Halfguiding.


 € 495,00 by person.

Breackfast and packlunch € 75,00 by person.

Fishing licences Arragon € 25,00 by person

Weekticket COTO. € 30,00

non fisher man € 325,00 by week.

At the start of the rental period you will be charged for a tank of petrol and you can return the boat empty at the end of the week.