CATFISH CAMP CASPE. Fishing on the Caspe Ebro basin.


The river Ebro by Caspe is Spain’s premier carp and catfishing spot spanning a distance of some 928 km. starting just south of Santander and ending in the med at the delta. The river Ebro varies greatly in its topography and scenery. We fish at the Mequinenze basin at the town of Caspe our Boats are in the port 150 meters from our apartments.

Our guides have 22 years of experiance in the fantastic basin full wit big fish.

We have been carp and catfishing the Ebro here for 15 years , The area which we have found to be the most prolific is
at Caspe this is where we concentrate our fishing efforts. For All your wishes we have the Packadge.

If you are looking for that once in a lifetime fish maybe a fishing holiday at Catfish Camp Caspe is the fishing holiday for you.

For every one we have the sutable Packadge fo you look at the Pages. if you don´t know what tu chose for,  phone us for a help.