CATFISH CAMP CASPE. Lurefishing for Zander, bass and cats on the Ebro.

ander and perch:

The Ebro is world famous for its catfishing, but it’s alsoe one of the best locations for Zander and perch! Fishing for this two species is one of our favorite types of fishing! So many different ways and methods to target them like dropshot, vertical or casting with shads/crank baits the list just goes on and one! The colder months ( februari ,marz, april and september, october and november) are one of the best times to come in contact with this species, contact us and we can arrange a special package for you!  

We offer 2 packadges for the Zander fisherman

Te first for te one wo want to experiance te Ebro and the fishing by his selves ore compeatly pampert with a guide.

We offer 2 Packadges fo you.